Bad Face Tattoos

While some face tattoos can be beautiful and tastefully done its the bad face tattoos that stick out in most peoples minds. These face tattoo fails are the worst of the worst.

18 Fresh Bad Face Tattoos Collections Yurt Holidays Com

30 terrible face tattoos that guarantee a life of unemployment.

Bad face tattoos. Seeing one is as rare as a unicorn sighting. Now we know youve probably seen a face tattoo at some point in your life. Though not necessarily indicative of true insanity face tattoos dont demonstrate good taste or judgment either.

Body art is real art now. Put them in a mugshot and you have an irl personification of regret. Bad tattoos are nothing short of an urban legend there are so many posts dedicated to them and yet you never see one in real life.

But what if you had to wake up every morning and. Its still a pretty controversial place to get inked even though acceptance is growing by leaps and bounds. Hard core body art fanatics are all for them but most peopleeven fans of body artare dead set against them.

The face now thats another story. Well as long as its a good tattoo. 47 cringeworthy tattoos being regretted as we speak.

Theres no denying that. Heavily tattooed faces your opinion on these people mean nothing to methis is just a collection of people with tattooed facesnot into itthen move on. Lets face it weve all made a terrible decision at least once.

And we just had to share with you. These 18 people ruined the first thing that people see when they meet you with horrible work. Posted on april 30 2013 1754 gmt jessica misener.

For better or for worse these tattoo fails are kept hidden in sweater sleeves pants or socks. Face tattoos are a bit of a hot button topic with most people. Share on facebook share share on vk share.

Theres always a level of risk with any tattoo but face tattoos are a whole different level of ink insanity. It used to be that if you had a face tattoo your life options were limited to the klink or the hustle. Bad face tattoos are just thatbad.

Most of us probably harbor cringeworthy regrets that after overcoming the initial self loathing period make us grateful weve matured and moved on from that time in our lives. Also check out some very terrible celebrity tattoosthere are even a few face tattoos there but we figured since they already had jobs they didnt belong in this picture set of people with terrible face tattoos. Hopefully it wasnt any of these because these are defiantly face tattoo fails.

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